Au pair i Grünerløkka, Julia (24)

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Hello! I'm Júlia, a 24 year old from Brazil. I was born and raised in a city in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro called Petrópolis. It's a small town full of history and nature. I lived there, surrounded by my family and friends, until I was 18, when I moved to Rio to attend college. Two years later, in 2016, I moved to Denmark and became an au pair. I loved living there - I eventually got used to the weather - and have learned a lot with its society. I came back to Brazil in January 2019, enjoyed the summer here, catched up with my family and friends and now I’m ready to start a new adventure in Norway! About me I can say I’m thoughtful, caring, responsible and calm. I always try to make sure everyone is okay and value the common good. I'm a good team player. I truly enjoy taking care of kids and playing with them. I love to see them growing up, developing their personalities, asking funny and smart questions and challenging us and themselves every day. I got that from my awesome little sisters, who are now 12 years old (they’re twins). Ever since my mom told me she was pregnant, I was involved in everything about them. I remember helping her with their diapers, baths, meals... I bet my mom would give me the best childcare related references one could possibly get hehe :) In my spare time, I love doing yoga, being outdoors with friends, reading books, binge-watching series, travelling and baking. I'm very independent and don't have problems figuring things out on my own or making friends. I speak Portuguese and English fluently and have a good understanding of Spanish and Danish. My experience First, I was an au pair in Copenhagen area for a very nice and sweet host family. I had a very good time with them and learned a lot. Their kids are the cutest things ever and I've enjoyed the responsibility of taking care of them and getting to know them. I was responsible for keeping the house neat and help with the kids, doing things like preparing their lunch boxes and snacks, picking them up from school, playing with them, taking the little girl to gymnastics and babysitting. We remained good friends and I'm able to provide references from them. After a year, I moved to another family. There, I was only responsible for cleaning the house and, even tho I’ve enjoyed the freedom it gave me, I miss being around kids. However, all the practice made me a very efficient cleaner. They will also give me a reference. I am now looking for a nice host family in Norway. I chose to go there because I really love the Scandinavian way of life and I can't wait to explore the nature! According to the Norwegian Immigration website, a visa application can take up to four months to be processed, but I've got everything ready to apply as soon as I find the right family. My expectations After doing this for two years, I know a bit more what works for me and what doesn’t. It’s important that the family is honest about their expectations and needs up front, so I can tell if I’m able to fulfil them or not. It’s also important to have an open communication, where both sides can share thoughts and suggestions. I am flexible and open to many kinds of arrangements, as long as mutual respect and comprehension are part of the deal. As I said, I miss being with children, so I’d prefer to stay with a family where I get to spend time with them, but I’m also happy to help with housework. I'm also very fond of cats and dogs and wouldn't mind having a pet company. I really enjoyed these two years I spent in Denmark. It was very challenging to be away from my family and everything I knew, but I tried my very best and made it. I have grown a lot, I feel more mature, more capable of dealing with adversities and more 'ready for life'. I still feel like I'm in the middle of that process, that there's still a lot to see, listen and learn. I would love to keep doing that with a nice host family that will treat me with respect and kindness in exchange for a more smooth daily life. All in all, like you are looking for the best possible match to take care of your kids, I am looking for the family where we best align expectations and needs and feel comfortable with. If you think your family and I could be a good match, please don't hesitate to write me a private message. Best regards, Júlia 2019 | Dagmamma AS Kripos