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Good day, Ma’am/Sir! Thank you for spending a bit of your time on visiting my profile. Let me tell you some things about myself, and some experiences of mine which I think would help you decide later on. My name is Divine; a 22 year old resident of Calapan City, here in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. I am currently living with my Mom and my sisters. I graduated just this year, I took up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Fortunately, I have passed the licensure exam too. Why choose to go outside the country when I can have a decent a job here? Since I was a kid, I have dreamt of visiting places outside the country, meet new people, find friends, and experience the way of life with a different culture. and one of the ways I can see to help me reach that dream of mine is being an au pair. Through this, I may not only visit another country, I can possibly find better opportunities waiting there for me too. I have experiences in dealing with both children and elders... I was 12 years old when my father passed. He was not just a father, he was our sole provider too. Although it was hard, My mother was able to send the three of us to school. It when I entered on my first year in college when we really struggled. Good thing my older sister was there to help and support us. Then on time my aunt from Davao City called my mom and offered to send me to school. My mom agreed. In exchange for free her generosity, I have to look after my aunt’s house and take care of my grandma. My grandmother suffered from stroke. Half of her body already went limp. She cant walk, stand on her own, nor eat alone. Everyday, I wake up around 5-6am to prepare her food first before I bring her to the bathroom to clean her up. After that, I will bring her to the dining so she can eat and drink her meds. I always make sure to prepare food for her every meal since she’s very picky with her food. Im also the one who helps her for her everyday exercise. Sometimes, my cousin visits us. She also stays there for a few days along with her two kids. Her kids are both very young, the eldest was 3years old, while the other was only ten months old that time. My cousin sometimes help me with some chores so I was left to watch over her kids. I am very fond of kids that’s why it was not that hard for me to deal with her kids. I play with them, and also feed them sometimes. I hope to meet you soon, to work and live with your family, and build a good relationship with each other. I am looking forward on having a great experience with your family. 2023 | Dagmamma AS - Foretaksregisteret: 919 058 404 Kripos