Au pair i Østensjø, Sol (31)

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Dear family, I am a passionate and compassionate woman who has a genuine love for children and kindhearted people overall. I am the eldest of two children. My parents have been married for 30 years together and I look up to how they raised our family. I graduated with a Master's degree in Business to which international business and entreprenuership are the main focus. I am currently working for machinary trading. I have many experiences taking care of children age 3-10 but didn't had a formal babysitting. My hands-on experience with them was when I was with my aunt children and I had to help aunt with putting them to sleep, bathing and feeding them, keep them occupied with books and music, etc. Currently, I take care of them often pick up from kindergarten and feeding, often give them ice cream. I find joy in seeing him smile. I also love to read him books and it calms him down easily. At home, I was the dishes everyday and do the laundry almost everyday. I love food so cooking is something I enjoy too! I love reading, work out, going to the art fairs, and traveling. I also love skiing and skating and driving (I have driving license.) What motivates me to be an au pair is the fact that I can share moments with a family of a different culture. Being engaged with such will surely open up noteworthy experiences and learnings. I hope to see you soon! Sincerely, Sol 2021 | Dagmamma AS Kripos