Au pair i Grünerløkka, Ella (21)

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Kjære host family! My name is Ella and I am 20 years old. After graduating from school in spring 2019, I went on an interrailing trip through Scandinavia and have since come to love it's wonderful countries, in particular Norway! We went to Bergen and Oslo and I fell in love with the country, its nature, the people and the way of life. Therefore, I have decided that after staying in London as an au pair from September 2019 until mid March 2020, I'd love to become an au pair in Norway for 9-12 months. Now, I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. I have one little sister, Lilli, who's 16 years old. I am very close to her and my parents. My mum, Katja, is a primary school teacher and my dad, Richie, is a stonemason. I've also always had a close relationship with my Omi and Opa (nana and grandpa) and my cousins. As I am a big family person, I would love to form a close bond with my future host family and especially the children as well! I'm from Koblenz, a wonderful town in western Germany by the rivers Rhine and Moselle. I graduated from school in March 2019 and have the 'Abitur'. My mother tongue is German. I started learning English in 5th grade and lived in London for seven and a half months, which greatly benefitted my English! I attended language school in London and am soon going to take my Cambridge Exam. A few months ago, I have started to learn Norwegian with an app, but have to say that I'm still an absolute beginner. Nevertheless, I love learning this wonderful language and hope to improve my knowledge whilst being in Norway! Music is one of the biggest and most important parts of my life! I've always loved to sing and to write and I play the violin and the guitar. I adore bands like Queen, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones, although my musical taste spreads quite widely and I also enjoy lots of today's music and different genres. Apart from making music myself, I also love going to concerts! Also, I enjoy singing with children, and as I play the guitar I would love to learn some Norwegian children’s songs. Besides music, one of my other favourite hobbies is running, especially endurance running; I am a very keen runner and enjoy it as a sort of balance to everyday life, wherefore I love to run outdoors to enjoy nature. I've played Tennis for 3 years and took a little break from it during my finals, but picked it up again last summer, which was an absolute blast! Also, I enjoy activities like reading, painting/drawing, playing games, exploring and going for walks and hikes — which I imagine must be a wonderful thing to do in Norway! I have been a vegetarian for more than 5 years and recently became vegan. Everyone in my host family in London ate meat, and I have absolutely no problem with that! I would describe myself as reliable and caring, as well as considerate and kind and have always loved spending time with and caring for children! In addition to having been an au pair in London, where I lived in a family with four children, I already had the chance to gain some experience in looking after children in the years prior. Ever since I was a child I have participated in a holiday programme where art pedagogues built and create artistical things with children aged 5-14, and since the end of 2014, I myself work there as a teamer. I greatly enjoy working with children and am happy about the experience it has given me. I started babysitting in the summer of 2013. Also, in spring of 2015, I attended a babysitting class. In 2018, I started helping a boy from Syria with improving his German and helping him with his homework. I love to gain new experiences; I love to travel and explore new countries, cultures, get to know new people and hear different languages! In the future, I'm interested in studying either music or something related to human rights, as I am very passionate about such topics. I would love to be an au pair in Norway because I love spending time with and caring for children, doing activities with them, playing, e.g. From my experience with working with children I can say that I am able to built a good bond of trust with them as I am empathetic and humorous, but also able to impart values. I am a positive, patient, sensitive and inquisitive human being and would love to support your children and be a part of their and your lives! From experience I can say that I am able to adapt to new surroundings very well and enjoy learning about different traditions, etc. I hope that we will be able to form a close and amicable bond with each other! It’s important to me that we’ll be able to communicate and talk about things that are going on. I would love for us to have an open and honest relationship! As I have been to Norway once before and am very fond of it and its culture, as well as the language, I would love to get to know the country and the Norwegian way of life! I am looking forward to getting in touch with you! Warm regards and hjertelig hilsen, Ella 2020 | Dagmamma AS Kripos