Au pair i Gamle Oslo, Viktoriia (26)

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Fylke: Oslo

Sted: Gamle Oslo

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I’m Viktoria, I’m 25 years old and I currently live in Trondheim. I have two little sisters, so I know what taking care of children is about. I give them a lot of love and I’m eager to create an organized fun daily atmosphere! When I was a child, my parents always encouraged me to be more independent and to think in my own way. It led to my decision to follow in their footsteps and become a teacher in the 5th generation. While studying at university I found an activity which I enjoyed and started working in restaurant business. For already almost 7 years it’s been my passion and every working day is like a special day for me. However, I never forget about my profession and frequently work part time as a private tutor helping kids with their school subjects. Meanwhile, I try to bring more activity to my everyday life. I’m into sports, hiking and I enjoy relaxing out of town.
 I also love travelling, playing with my friends’ kids and meeting new people. I’ve been in Norway several times and, to be honest, I really fell in love with your language, culture and people. I consider Au-Pair programme to be a great opportunity to start new adventures, to meet new people and to become more experienced. I also think it’s the best chance to improve my Norwegian language skills as I’ve recently started doing a course in it. 
My friends and colleagues consider me to be honest, joyful, easygoing, sweet and positive person. I strongly believe that positive attitude can bring energy to any activity you do and make your life happier. I’m also very flexible and can adapt to almost any life situation. However, cooking isn’t my strong suit, but I can bake Russian blini for you :) 
 I would be really excited to become a part of your family, giving all my support to you and being a good friend to your children. 2020 | Dagmamma AS Kripos