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Hello! My name is Teresa, I am a 23 year old from Portugal, that had lived for the past years in Norway and for some months in Amsterdam. As you can see in my CV my experience comes mostly from service jobs, like restaurants and hotels, and a couple of years of housekeeping, but my lack of experience does not mean you shouldn't consider me. I have manly focused on service jobs because without Norwegian people wouldn't hire me anywhere else, and of course, for my love for people, but this time i was looking for a job with more meaning, that I could actually connect and help people, and that's when i found this lovely website. I may not have the experience you are looking for, but I am a kind and compassionate person, who works hard a learns fast, always trying to achieve my optimal work ethic. I love children, so much that when i was one myself, in kindergarten, instead of going and play with my friends and asked to help with the babies, because if at 5 years old I found a beauty in the "job". I am also very good in animals, easy being one when you are an animal lover like me, the kind that wants to hug and love every animal, from dog to sheep. I am a responsible person in whom you can count on, and I am ready to give my 100% and to compensate for my lack of experience. I hope you will consider me for the position and give a chance of showing why I am a good candidate.
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