Au pair i Nordstrand, Vincentia

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Fylke: Oslo

Sted: Nordstrand

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My name is Vincentia, a female, I am privileged to bag some qualifications like, a Bsc in (business administration), Nce in (mathematics), few courses on health care like ( Diversity of Dementia, and Autism Spectrum Disorder to improve my caregiving skills. I have worked in different sectors while schooling in the past to make ends meet. Invariably, I am applying for either a nanny, Adventurous nanny, tutor nanny I can play any role effortlessly. From the above, it's obvious that I can be *super flexible* if need be. There is no greater joy, than making a difference in someone's life, helping people, and adding value to their lives, while reducing their stress. However, I have worked as a caregiver in the past for both an elderly with a neurological disorder(s) as well as cared for: 4 toddlers under the age of 1, 6 preschoolers (ages 2-4) and 1 adolescent (age 12). In all my experience I will say caring for an elder and a toddler is almost similar but one requires extreme patients to care for an elder. I enjoy multi-tasking if need be. I am observant, patient, kind, trustworthy, children warm up to me almost immediately. I enjoy cooking ( my mom is a caterer I am her assist or work alone in her business), I bake mouth watery cake, pizza, pies, buns, puff puff, shawarma, Bankura, groundnut candy, chocolate bars, just name a few. Due to my nature as a person who delights in giving back to the community and or adding value to people, When I am employed, I shall be gifting my host kids free tutorials on *all subjects* and help out with school assignment(s) for maximum 3 children irrespective of the grades( classes) having a female child is an advantage because I will help make her hair once in a while since I learned hair craft, It's ok for my host to have an Unexpected change of schedule with me. It's ok for my host to ask me to be a mobile nanny, ie travel with them. My host can also travel without me because I'm independent/ loyal. Pls note I will am willing to relocate, travel cost can be splitted 60/40 or 50/50 between you and I, plus I will compensate the child or children 2months voluntary nanny service for the relocation stress I put you through. Pls Live In Nanny. 2023 | Dagmamma AS - Foretaksregisteret: 919 058 404 Kripos