Au pair i Frogner, Neña Marie (25)

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Dear Host Family, God dag! I am Neña Marie, a 24-year-old, Single and currently living in the Philippines. I am looking for my first match loving family. I am a graduate of Business Administration. I'm the eldest of three siblings; I considered myself to be a hardworking individual who always put forth effort in doing and completing tasks, truthful and trustworthy, dependable and can be completely trusted with the tasks at hand. One of my strengths is my ability to respect others. I frequently understand how to empathize with others in an appropriate manner. I have three years of experience as a Frontline Associate and consider myself to be a good communicator. As I've been communicating people everyday in completing their transactions. I consider myself as a flexible and adaptable person, I can withstand or recover quickly from unexpected or difficult circumstances, adapting to change on a regular basis. During my spare time, I enjoy learning new things and honing my talents, such as communication and cooking. I love to cook and try out new dishes, listen to music, and watch my favorite Korean dramas, and my sport of choice is volleyball. I enjoy riding bike and watching movies with my family. My interests include interacting with others, enjoys seeing new places and learning something new from them. I also enjoys doing outdoor adventures with friends, such as going to the beach, seeing other parts of town and enjoys visiting to places where there is peace and nature. In terms in taking care with children, I do have experience as I am living with my brothers and my 3-year old cousin since they were born and until now I'm still with them, being with kids is not new for. I also babysit and assist them when they are still infant until now. Preparing meals and milk, changing her diapers, putting her to sleep are my responsibilities, and, of course, playing with her (outdoor games, or going to playgrounds, reading books, and engaged them in educational activities.). Being the eldest it's also my responsibility to do the household chores like doing the laundry, vacuuming, washing and putting away the dishes, preparing and cooking meals and folding clothes and, of course, tidying up the kids. I am prepared and aware that being a big sister for your children comes along with big responsibilities for them and it will not always be just play and fun but it's also my responsibility for taking care and securing their safety. I adore kids and enjoy spending time with them to form special friendships, and I want to assist them in developing their abilities. My motivation for becoming an Au Pair is to experience cultural exchange, help to become more independent, learn to cope with new responsibilities, to help with your daily lives and of course to be a big sister with your kids and help them to develop themselves, to create special bonds and build strong relationships with your families. I know there will be a lot to learn and share with your families throughout this journey. Thank you for taking the time to read. I am very excited to meet all of you soon and become a part of your family. Humbly waiting for your response. Tak og hav en god dag! Sincerely yours, Neña Marie 2023 | Dagmamma AS - Foretaksregisteret: 919 058 404 Kripos