Dagmamma i Ålesund, Hina (24)

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Alder: (24)

Fylke: Møre og Romsdal

Sted: Ålesund

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Hi. I am Hina, 23 years old, student at NTNU, living in Alesund. I am very much interested to have a job as a baby sitter or barnevakt. I have experience of doing baby sitting in Oslo of 8 months old baby girl and I have the reference of her mother. I can share the contact details, if needed. In addition to this I am the eldest child among my siblings and I have been taking care of my 3 younger siblings whenever my parents are away. I am quite fond of children and I love to participate them in their activities. I am quite patient, resistant, amicable and reliable individual. I get along easily due to a highly adaptive personality.
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