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Hello, my name is Nathalie, I am a medical student and I am currently looking for an opportunity to learn a new language that will help me to enrich my resume and personal experience, I am taking some time for myself because I want to finish my studies in another country (it would be great if it could be in the same country which I will go as an au pair) but for this I must do volunteer work, cultural exchanges and all kinds of activities that will allow me to improve my academic profile.I love children and since I was very young I have worked as a nanny, also thanks to my profession I have experience to attend special situations or medical/basic emergencies in a proper way. I love languages, I studied English professionally and i am also certified as a Teacher ELE (Spanish as a foreign language), since pandemic i love cooking so i took cooking classes and i am enjoying that a lot. I finished my high school with a technical degree in accounting, entered medical school and at the same time studied English professionally, took a culinary course, painting and ceramics. I love handicrafts. I have trained swimming since I was 4 years old and then I trained triathlon for about 10 years, I have practiced gymnastics, crossfit, pilates and yoga. I studied to teach Spanish as a foreign language and I am certified as a teacher ELE, I have worked teaching Spanish to foreigners for more than 3 years, adults and children since the age of 2, and the last year I have worked teaching English in my country and correcting homework for young children in the same air, plus support in subjects such as biology, history, grammar and reading. Since the the pandemic I have worked as a medical assistant for a New York based medical center remotely. I also have more tan 6 years of experience taking care of babies, toddlers and teens, also teaching languages and correcting homework.
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