Au pair i Vega, Rahab (25)

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Sted: Vega

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My name is Rahab,24 years. I have a diploma in Journalism and mass communication as well as a Bachelor's degree in the same course. I live with my family which comprises of My grandmother,my sister,my mum and my 1year old nephew in Murang'a,which is a central county in Kenya. At the moment,what I'm currently doing is helping with household chores,taking care of our plants,as well as help with my nephew at times. I can describe myself as a cheerful person,down to earth,caring,humourous,trustworthy (you can trust me with your kids),independent,and one with an initiative to do things and a loving person especially with the kids. In my spare time,i love to write articles,on my blog about love and personal development, read books,and i even read out stories kids in the neighborhood from some of the books,and we bond through them. During story times,i love to watch the kids happy as they get curious to know each ending.I also love music a lot,and i intend to teach some swahili songs to the kids or kid if one, as a way of exchanging my culture with them. Academic wise,your child or children will have a sibling and a friend in me,and I'll treat them with the same respect that I'll give to my host family. Au pairing will give me an opportunity to express my love for children by taking care of them as well as cultural exchange,since I'll learn something different. 2023 | Dagmamma AS - Foretaksregisteret: 919 058 404 Kripos