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Hi Dear Parents, I am an experienced aupair for 4years in Denmark and here in Norway. With that, I have an enough experience with handling and taking care of kids. Also when I was young at age of 8, I started to work for a family and take good care of their 3kids ages 3,4,6 and at the same time I am taking care of their house too and in return they send me to school. Taking care of infants also is not a problem because I took care of my cousin when he was a newly born to help my aunt way back in the Philippines. In Denmark, my host family has 3 children ages 6, 7 and 9 and here in Norway they have 2 kids ages 10 and 11. I am a trustworthy person with an initiative in doing things in a right way. I'm very good in multi-tasking also and I believe that I am a smart person. I started to work when I was 8 to be able to go to school and find other jobs after grade school and in the middle of high school I separate from my parents and live my own. When I got in Europe I become the bread winner of my family and help my brother finished his University. Right now I am a student here in Norway and started school last August this year. So, I am looking for a part time job to support my studies. School is in Majorstua and I don't have class everyday and most of the time I only have one subject a day for 2hrs and mostly ends at 14 so we can arrange time when I can come and be with your kids. This time I want to do things for my own. I want to finish studies and have a better job one day and a good life. I believe that starting at the bottom is the best way to go up that's why I never give up in the difficulties and challenges of life that I am facing everyday. Because of this, I am a very positive person and always wear a smile on my face. :) Hope you will choose me and we can have some talk to know each other and be able to know your family. I am really looking forward to help you with your kids and be their older sister :). By the way, when I was in the Philippines one of my past part time job was a pre-school teacher in kids ages 4-5 and that experienced is one of the best, seeing how you can be a big influenced in a child's everyday life in a positive way and bring them joy and help them at the same time, talk to them, listen to them and teach them stuffs that help their mold their personalities and attitudes. Hope to hear from you Jen :) 2022 | Dagmamma AS Kripos