Au pair i Søndre Nordstrand, Kenneth (19)

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Alder: (19)

Fylke: Oslo

Sted: Søndre Nordstrand

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Dear Future Host Family, I'm Kenneth,18 years Old and currently living here in a beautiful country Philippines, I'm graduated my Senior HS in University and I took Technical Vocational Livelihood in Hospitality Management. I have an experience taking care of children because when I was in High School,I started to find a partime job in order to support my education in School and other personal needs,so I learn a lot of things especially in doing household chores .We're 6 in the family and I'm the 2nd child in my siblings and I'm a breadwinner. I have a 3 siblings. My older sister age 19 and her name is Mary Ann,My brother names Emmauel ,he is 17 years old and my cute and pretty younger sister named Smile,she is now turning at 8 years old,We are truly a Honest and Happy Family. I very fond of kids.I love taking care of them because in my status now as a working person in other families,I realize that children can gives me happines when I'm sad and I'm feel happy with comfortation,I want to share my story to them and give them an advice on how to become a good person amd give Respect to his/her parents,I know Children is a cause of our Happines,so I feel them with Love and Supports for their Journey as a Kids. I also love reading/Cooking/Painting/Swimming/Traveling/Baking/Making a Handly Craft/Ball games/Biking/Lifestyle Exercise etc. If I have a spare time I most likely spend it in my host kids or meet to my friend and co Aupairs.I do household Chores and it interest me so much because of my experience in this past and Present Years! I want to apply this to my Future Host Mom and Dad!! My Hobbies are Singing,Dancing, Cooking and Baking a Pastry cupcakes and Bread- Play with Children,bring them in a places and Show them the beauty of it and Enjoy playing with other kids in Village.I want also to Travel Camp together with my Friends. My Favourite Food is Caviar and Salad because Its so Taste and Yummy so I love It,other food is Chocolates and Mango grahams. I am passionate about travel adventures and Learn new Cultures because some of aupair are mainly shared their experience as a Aupair in Europe,so I want to share also my own experience and Create a right atmosphere for my Adventures. I am a Person who Prefers to be alone and Open my Problems to someone who gives me an advice and comfortation,Its highly appreciated for me. I realized,I have to step up in life because in this age,I'm mature enough to explore something and discover my self in other country. I want to be an Aupair because first for the Cultural Exchange,discover the Cultures and History of Europe ,Learn new Language and Help my Host Family for everyday Duties and Task.I need to find a way to achieve my dreams and goals in Life with the help of my family,So when I heard about aupair Program, I reasearch it in Internet and I try to registered in the Sites in order to find my Future Host Family that willing to accept as their Aupair.I really want tobecome aupair because of the program between Host Families and the aupair in the Cultural Exchange System. I know in my self that I'm Capable of being. good aupair to my family because eventhough I'm a male,I don't have knowledge to do cleaning a house and Taking care of children? No ,I want to show to my Future Family, I'm flexible and Hard working aupair and willing to follow the task and duties that I've given for me,You will never be regrets if choose me as your Aupair and Younger brother for your Kids. I would be grateful if I could share my interest with your children because I know on how to take good care of them and show to them that I'm a Good/Honest/Cheerful/Kind/Respectful Aupair to them. I hope we are sharing some interest with your family. Looking Forward to meeting you and your family. Thank You and Have a Nice Day. 2020 | Dagmamma AS Kripos